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Blessings in Poetry

        The Green Faith--Cord

by Kathy Loewen 1994 taken from Early Writings p. 60


My guilt had become overwhelming.

It threatened to snuff out this wick.

The burden of sin would destroy me;

Hells flames were beginning to lick.

With head in my hands I sat weeping.

My heart was consumed with despair.

If only I'd see my sweet Jesus.

I'm sure He'd rebuke this nightmare!


Just then I saw a tall being

Who asked why my soul was so sad.

He offered to take me to Jesus!

My heart was unspeakably glad!

He told me to bring all my trinkets,

And follow him closely behind.

"Although the steep stairway is narrow,

Look up," he said. "You will be fine."


When finally we reached the top landing,

We stood by an unopened door.

He asked me to leave all my baggage.

I gladly dropped them to the floor.

He ushered me in to see Jesus.

His glory was awesome indeed!

But fear soon crept in and unnerved me.

His gaze pierced right through this bruised reed.


Then all of a sudden I saw it!

The kindness that shown from His eyes!

His radiant love and forgiveness;

I knew it was not a disguise!

While smiling at me, He drew closer,

Then reached out His hand to my head.

He touched me! I couldn't believe it!

No scolding! Just, "Fear not," He said!


My body collapsed in His presence,

But ecstasy breathed through my soul.

For while I lay prostrate before Him,

I viewed scenes of glory untold!

At last when my body awakened

And gradually my senses returned,

I gazed at my Jesus: still smiling!                            

 His sweet loving eyes for me yearned.


His gentleness filled me with wonder;

Such inexpressible love!

No longer condemned or rejected,

I'm cherished by Jesus above!

The angel escorted me out then;

Returned to me all of my things,

Which seemed to have lost all their luster

In light of my Heavenly King!


He gave me a tightly-coiled green-cord,

And said, "Hold it near to your heart.

Although it is precious and lovely

Appearance is only a start.

Whenever you want to see Jesus,

And look at His sweet loving face,

Just stretch the green cord that I gave you.

At once you'll ascend that staircase!


He warned, "If unused it will tangle."

Then left me to try it myself.

What blessings when I meet with Jesus!

I won't leave my cord on the shelf!

Whenever I want to see Jesus

And look at His kind, loving face;

I'll stretch the green cord that he gave me.

At once I'll ascend that staircase!


This cord is a topic for study;

Yet scholars will never know all

Unless they will grasp and then stretch it,

Because when it's coiled it's too small!

I know it's a choice I must make now.

The next time I'm tempted and tried,

I'll choose to believe that He loves me

And dearly wants me for His bride!


Already I've learned it's no secret.

Assurance of love I can't hide.

I must tell this Good News to neighbors!

"God's love is high, long, deep and wide!"

Whenever we want to see Jesus

And look at His kind, loving face,

We'll stretch the green cord that He gave us,

At once we'll ascend that staircase!