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Seventh-day Adventist Church

Bible Study

                      Join us Tuesday evening  at 6:30 pm for a study in the book of matthew. 


NEW BEGINNINGS – Health & Bible Study – Sunday evenings from 6 to 7 pm beginning January 28 at the Cedarhome SDA Church 28505 68th Ave. NW, Stanwood, WA.  You’ll discover exciting health principles along with timeless Bible truths.  These 20 life-changing studies will positively impact both your physical and spiritual health for eternity!  Call 360.386.7611 or text 425.870.1008 to reserve a spot. 



Truth is not merely a list of abstract ideas or a collection of factual data. Rather, truth is an embodied reality, the sum total of which is to be found in the revelation of God in the person of Jesus Christ. Truth Link is a series of 27 Bible Study guides written specifically to enable you to see and experience the love of God.

Discover. Connect. Experience. His Love..... Truth Link.  


Preludes of Hope - The Gospel in Revelation, a set of 10 Bible study lessons, delves into this mysterious book to find a message, not of judgment and doom, but of the revelation of God's love for you. PRELUDES OF HOPE - THE GOSPEL IN REVELATION Click here to download a copy from Lightbearer's ministry.org or fill out form attached form and click that you would like more information.